Very Urgent! Please Read! Current Taekwondo students!

Hello Everybody,

Today Friday November 6, we were notified that one of the students in our Family 1 class was given a positive result this morning. The student was last in class on Monday, November 2. The student was feeling fine in class but later in the night and early Tuesday morning developed symptoms. The student was tested on Wednesday and the result came back today.

The Family 1 class attendees have all been notified through email earlier this morning. Due to sanitization of all equipment and mats before and after each class, no other class is affected by this.

Due to direct contact that the staff has with students, we are obligated to be tested. Instructor Glenda and I booked and completed a Covid Test with AHS this morning. Instructor Katie is scheduling her test for today.

We are also required by law to quarantine for 14 days since last contact with the positive case so we are very saddened and disappointed that we will have to cancel all classes this week. Class will resume Monday November 16th as normal.

The belt test that was supposed to be done this week will be postponed to a later date in November..

While under circumstances, AHS would notify us through contact tracing of a positive test, we are thankful for the parent reaching out and letting us know so we could act quickly and diligently in advance.

We apologize for this inconvenience. While we have worked hard to keep everybody safe and still feel it is a safe and controlled environment, we were not in denial that eventually somebody would come into our facility with a positive test at some point..

Training this week will involve utilizing the online training as well as we will arrange to do some online classes from home...

Once again, we are truly sorry for this inconvenience but we must be diligent in keeping people safe.

Master Higdon

Greg and Glenda Higdon

Total Taekwondo


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