Please read:Important Message Regarding Tonight's classes!

Due to the recent outbreaks announced at St Gabe's, Elsi Yanik, and Holy Trinity Schools and the number of students we have attending there, along with the high number of students already in isolation, we have decided to cancel tonight's classes Monday Sept 21st so we can get a better understanding of the severity of the situation through AHS. The safety of our students and their families is our highest priority and we need to be very proactive and follow up on any contact tracing that may be present.

We will also be postpoing Thursday's belt test by two weeks due to the number of candidates in school mandated isolation right now.

This continues to be a very difficult time for you and your families (especially those with school age children). Uncertainties abound each and every day it seems but please remember we are there for you and your families continue to be in our prayers.

We will keep you posted of any further developments as they happen.

In the mean time, please continue to utilize our online training platform in addition to your in class training.

This can be found at It is password protected so please contact us for the password.

Thank you for understanding!

Master Higdon & Instructor Higdon

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