Hey everybody,

Hope you are doing good!Here is our training for today!


1. 30 Jumping Jacks

2.30 Knees Up

3.30 Jumping Jacks

4. 30 Crunches(lie on back/feet in air knees bent, bring shoulders off of floor)

5. 30 Leg Raises( lie on back, legs out straight, bring up over head and back down to floor. do not let feet touch floor)

Drills:* Utilize videos for description of kick

White-Green Stripe

1. Switch/Roundhouse Kick/Shuffle Side Kick

2. Shuffle forward/Roundhouse/Roundhouse/Double Roundhouse

3. Step forward/Roundhouse/Back Kick

4. Roundhouse/Push Kick/Push Kick

Green-Black Stripe

1. Switch/ Roundhouse(head)/Back Kick(Head)

2. Rear Leg Double/Front Leg Double/Rear Leg Double

3. Ax Kick/Step Forward/Ax Kick

4. Step Forward/Step Forward/Fast Kick(Head)/Double(Low/High)

Black Belt

1. Roundhouse/Spin Hook/Back KIck

2. Switch/Front Leg Side Kick/Front Leg Hook(Do not put foot down)

3. Ax Kick/Side Kick(Body) Side Kick ( Head). Same foot!

4. Single Round/Double Round/ Triple Round/Counter Round/Counter Double/Counter Triple

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