March 19th Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan March 19th,2020 Combination Kicking


Today we will work on combination kicking. Make sure to stay relaxed and use proper technique through each kick!


Jogging on the Spot-1 minute

Knees up-30 secs

Jumping Jacks-30 secs

Bouncing in Fighting Stance- 1 Minute

Lunges- 30 secs

Pushups- 10-20


SuperKids & White-Green Stripes-Combine any two of the present kicks listed in our Online Training ie. push kick/front kick

Green-Black Stripe-Combine any three of the present kicks combined in our Online Training ie. roundhouse/roundhouse/side

Black Belt- Combine any three of the present kicks listed in our Online Training maintain with one foot(do not allow foot to touch floor). Complete for opposite foot as well.

Complete these drills for at least 20 minutes! Making sure to switch fighting stance!

Cool Down & Stretching

5 minutes of stretching

Materials & Resources

-Online Training Videos (

-Paddle or Shield(not required. You may also complete using air kicks or even a pillow!)

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