Lesson Plan Monday April 20th

Happy Monday Everybody,

Looks like things are slowly starting to turn with the virus. Social Distancing and all the preventive measures are working!

Lesson Plan for today is belt level kicking! Here is what we want you to work on:

*Remember the online videos are available for your resource!

Super Kids

White- Front, Push, Front+Push, Push+Front

Orange Stripe-Roundhouse, Fast, Roundhouse+Fast, Fast+Roundhouse

Green Stripe-Side, Back, Side+Back, Back+Side

Blue Stripe-Counter Fast, Counter Push, Counter Fast+Counter Push, Counter Push+Counter Fast

Red Stripe-Cut, Check, Cut+Check, Check+Cut

Yellow- Rear Leg Double, Front Leg Double, Shuffle Side+Rear Leg Double

Full Taekwondo

White-Front, Push, Fast+Side

Yellow Stripe-Back, Counter Fast,

Yellow-Rear Leg Double, Round+Back, Shuffle Side+Rear Leg Double

Green Stripe-Counter Side, Counter Round, Counter Cut+Counter Round

Green-Running Fast, Shuffle Hook, 360+Shuffle Back

Blue Stripe-Rear Leg Counter Double, Counter Hook, Front Leg Counter Double+Counter Back

Blue-Roundhouse(Head), Double(Low/High), Shuffle Hook(Head)+Shuffle Ax(Head)

Red Stripe-Counter Round(Head), Counter Ax(head), Counter Hook(Head)+Counter Crescent

Red-360 Double, 360 Ax, Step Spin Hook+Scoop

Black Stripe-Counter 360, Counter 360 Crescent, Counter 360 Double+Counter Spin Hook

Black Belt

Round(Body)+Round(Head)+360+Spin Hook

Counter 360+Double Round+Counter Spin Hook

Shuffle Side+Round+Back+Counter Back

Shuffle Hook(Head)+Shuffle Back(Head)+360 Ax+Spin Hook

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