Starting in September, we plan on working with partners for paddle and shield drills, if you are uncomfortable with this scenario please let us know by email at or through facebook message. This will help our students to continue to train strong and work on techniques and focus that can't be done in the air. We can arrange for you to work on the Standing Bags.Your health and peace of mind comes first and no one will judge you for working on your own. This is no different than those students who have an injury that prevents them from doing a regular class, but can work individually on punching, air kicking, stretching, etc.

Paddle and Shield Drills done with non-family members will be done in such a way that each person has a paddle/shield and keeps that paddle for their partner to kick or strike.

Family members and cohorts will be able to pass paddles back and forth between partners.

Our paddles and shields are disinfected after every class, and disinfectant and hand sanitizer is available on both ends of the dojang.

Also, while we do not recommend wearing a mask while doing physical activity, the final choice is always up to the individual and again as stated above no one will judge one for wearing one.

Below is our Re-Launch Plan for moving through different stages..This will give you an idea of what we continuously work on to keep our students best interest and health in mind!



Back in March, when our business went into shutdown like so many other businesses in our industry, we started to plan for and anticipate when different stages of what our business would look like going forward. We took immediate action to start launching our online business and continue to move forward until the place we are at today in the dojang. As your coaches and business owners of Total Taekwondo, we would like to share with you some of our stage plans and where we are moving forward

Stage 1 Training at Home(March,April,May)

Implemented an Online Training Program

Recorded Online Classes to do @home

Provided Lessons Plans and Training Tips to do @home

Moved our payment system to completely online through either our store or E-Transfer

Tip Testing and Belt Testings completed by video and sent in for review

Stage 2 Training Outdoors(May,June)

Implemented COVID-19 Guidelines for Outdoor Classes

Provided Outdoor Training for students. Bookings at first were done through Facebook Events and then eventually students were assigned classes.

Developed a new Class Schedule involving 7 classes on Tuesday/Thursday

Tip and Belt Testing was completed by video and sent in for review.

Continuing to develop online program

Stage 3 Training in the Dojang(June,July,Aug)

Implemented COVID-19 Guidelines for Training in the Dojang and continued to utilize Outdoor Guidelines for any Outdoor Classes

Implemented a strict sanitization program that it completed before and after each class

Continued to utilize the 7 Class Schedule on Tuesday/Thursday

Started to incorporate Cohort Training using Paddles,Shields while other utilized Standing Bags

Modernized our training program to reflect today’s needs when it comes to Fitness, Self Defense, & Sport. This incorporated removing poomsae from our training program, increasing the fitness level of classes and including a fitness requirement on every belt test, including aspects of other martial arts such as Krav Maga to enhance our training

Removed our tip testing from our program and increased the requirement of regular attendance, attitude in class and at home, work ethic, and increased technique for each belt to be invited to test. Ultimate goal will be make students fitter and better prepared to defend themselves

Renovated Dojang by removing Parent Area and Increasing Training Space for students

Continued to utilize Online Testing

Continued to develop Online Training Platform

Where we are now!

Stage 4 Training in the Dojang(Sept- )

Increase numbers to 25 possible per class from 20 in Stage 3. (Pre-Covid Numbers were enrollment of 35-45 in the Kids and Family Class)

Continue with Sanitization program

Continue to monitor students and families for possible situations relating to COVID-19

Increase use of kicking paddles, shields, standing bags

Continue to emphasize the use of physical distancing while incorporating equipment above

Sparring Equipment will not be used in Stage 4

Complete Online Training Platform with all new testing requirements

Belt testing will be returning to the Dojang and performed in front of Instructors

Audiences will be restricted to 2 parents and siblings until Stage 5

Stage 5 Training in the Dojang-Back to Normal (2020?)

This stage could return sooner or later depending on the status from AHS

Return to normal

Physical Distancing has been eliminated or reduced

Full Contact Sparring will be incorporated back into the program

Contact Self Defense will be incorporated back into the program

Restrictions will be reduced on Belt Testings

This stage will be developed more as we move forward and are directed by AHS.

Total Taekwondo

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