Classes Resuming

Students and Parents,

After further clarification and consultation from our Provincial Sport Organization, our colleagues and we are able to confirm that we are exempt from the 2 week closure.

AHS guidelines Section 4 – (b) allows “an individual sport activity where participants can maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance from each other at all times.”

At Total Taekwondo, we have always adhered to the AHS guidelines and will continue to maintain social distancing and there will be no contact training or equipment training.

Masks will now be mandatory at all times, even inside the training area, however, can be taken off as needed for water break.

In saying this, the classes will be very technically driven and low intensity...requiring everybody to stay on their designated spot.

Upon entering Training area you will be required to go to an X and bring your water bottle with you...

Washrooms facilities are very restricted at this time!

There will be absolutely no bystanders in any classes...including SUPERKIDS at this time.

We will resume in person classes on Tuesday November 17th at regular times as scheduled.

For those that wish to continue to train at home and utilize the online training, the password is posted on our Total Taekwondo group each month..the Online Training and Facebook group is for ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY....time in training at home will be honoured if we see weekly updates and videos on training being done..

Thank you for your patience while we navigate through this time in keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority.

Look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday.

Stay safe,


Master Higdon & Instructor Glenda

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