Magdalene Necessities… is a Necessity Shop for Adolescent Mothers to turn to in their time of need for necessary items they are unable to afford for themselves, and their children. Help stock up the shelves with Like New, Gently used (No ripped, stained, or broken items please) Maternity Clothes, Baby Clothes, Receiving Blankets, Professional/Workforce Clothing. Diapers, Formula, Wipes, Bottles, Bathing & Hygiene Necessities (For Mother and Child), Baby Supplies (i.e. Car Seats/Bassinet/Playpen), and Educational Supplies (ie. Notebooks, pens, pencils, backpacks). ***Due to Liability – All Car Seats, Cribs, and Strollers donated must be BRAND NEW*** 

OUR CURRENT WISH LIST Size 4+ Diapers, Wipes, Gift Cards for Formula and Pedi-sure, Car Seats, Hygiene Necessities for Babies, Children, and Mother (ie. Johnsons Baby Nightime Bath Products) Orajel (Day & Night), Children’s Tylenol 0-24 Mths, Baby food with extended shelf life (ie. Puffs, Baby Mum Mum’s), Bras for Mom 

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