Tip and Belt Testing

Hello all, Just wanted to share a few things with you regarding tip & belt testing. 1. Tip & Belt Testing is for the most part the last Tuesday and Thursday of each month. 2. We can make up tip testing for people that miss on Tuesday on Wednesday if time permits (no promises) and SuperKids on the following Monday. 3. Time does not allow for us to do Belt Testings on any other night than Thursdays. Which normally would only be every 4 or 5 months depending on Belt. The tip system allows you to schedule accordingly. 4.We understand that everybody is busy. We have had so many special requests this week and in the past that we are unable to accomodate everybody so we have to treat everybody the same. We can not spend a week or more tip testing people. In addition to the above, please do not flag Instructors from the door to ask about items unless it is about the safety or well being of a student. All concerns such as equipment sales, memberships, family members wanting to join, etc can be done through email or at the beginning of each month when Instructor Glenda is in the office. All the instructors are quite busy and do not have time between classes to address items that are not of priority. Safety and teaching of our students is priority! Master Higdon 

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