July 2018 Newsletter

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

July 1st-August 31st SuperKids 600-630 Kids Taekwondo 1 & 2 630-715 Family Taekwondo 715-800 Teen/Adult Taekwondo 800-900

Please note: SuperKids do have the Wednesday Night as well for the summer!

High Belt Class is removed for the Summer Months!

Friendly Reminder that fees are due on the 1st of each month. We have had to spend too much time collecting fees in recent months. We have options available in addition to paying at the office such as etransfer to and also our online store which can be accessed from our website and facebook page.

Also in February, we announced the new monthly membership fee effective April 1st would be 95.00 including GST per student. Please ensure you are sending the correct amount when etransfer as we have had to follow up on numerous etransfer as well over the last few months

This year we are holding 2 half day summer camps for ages 6-12.

July 9-13 9:00-12.00

August 13-17 900-12:00

There will be martial arts, games, obstacles,sports, activities. 

We will be utilising the dojang as well as the playground and field behind the dojang. 

Cost of the camp will be 100.00 plus GST=105.00                                              Maximum participants:20

Open to the public as well as Total Taekwondo members!

Please bring water and snacks!

Gear Requirements:

Body pad required by: SuperKids(Ages 4-6)-Green Stripe Taekwondo( Ages 6+)-Yellow Stripe Belt

Full Sparring Gear*:

Taekwondo(Ages 6+)-Yellow

*Requirement for testing from Green Belt and up!

SuperKids(Ages 4-6)-

Recommended by Blue Stripe

*Students are not allowed to spar without full gear (Bodypad,Helmet, Shin and Arm Guards) and

Check out our online store. You can pay for memberships here, order gear, and pay for events as they become available such as seminars and inschool tournaments. You can always still pay at the office or by etransfer. This is just an added feature for our members to have.

Poomsae Requirements Note: Make sure to use the video of the belt you presently have not the one you are going for: White Belt-Il Jang Yellow Stripe Belt-Il Jang Yellow Belt-Sam Jang Green Stripe Belt-Sam Jang Green Belt-Oh Jang Blue Stripe Belt-Yuk Jang Blue Belt-Chil Jang Red Stripe Belt-Pal Jang Red Belt & Black Stripe Belt-Koryo 1st Dan-Keumgang 2nd Dan-Taebaek 3rd Dan-Pyongwon 

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