Just a little info sharing for those new to our club. 

We are a year round taekwondo school and this is also our full time business. We expect our students to train as much as possible during the summer as well. If you feel the need to take the summer off, we are okay with that but we will fill the spots and you will have to be placed on a waiting list for a possible return later in the year.

We left jobs over 3 years ago(Master Higdon as a Syncrude Trainer and Instructor Glenda closed her Cleaning Business) to concentrate full time on the best possible programs for our students. 

We take pride in our programs and taekwondo is our passion and love. While we enjoy many other sports, Taekwondo is still our #1 priority and will not take second place to other sports. It is huge committment and we expect a lot from our students and do not just give belts out. 

I am sure you would not tell your hockey, basketball, baseball, or soccer coach that you would miss practice for Taekwondo so why would it be any differently for Taekwondo.

We have a set of rules we follow to ensure that we are not playing favourites to anybody such as rescheduling tip and belt testing. The only exception to this is when a student has to miss a belt test due to medical reasons. We will try to make every effort possible to try and accomodate this situation.

Any issues with this or other situations, please come and see myself or Instructor Glenda

Master Higdon

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