Updated November 30 Belt Test List with Belt Testing Times

Kids Taekwondo 1(445-530)

Gage Pittman

Jack Carroll

Owen Earle

Regan Mercer

SuperKids 1(530-600)

Ali Sadek

Arlo Morin

Cameron Baumgartner

Daniel Tionsay

Ebba Oli

Halle Langenhoff

Jack Long

Jackson Scheers

Leah Langenhoff

Michael Calmic

SuperKids 2(600-630)

Declan Slugoski

Adrien Gerard

Charlie Beaver

Jace Matthews

Lily Rex

Kids Taekwondo 2(630-730)

Shadi Elmejdani

Rylie Boser

Colby Primmer

Mason Gervais

Jesse Maeko

Joram Maeko

Addyson Gervais

Jack Beaver

Kalob Cross


Alanagh Barry

Fia Barry

Hudson Colbourne


Florence Maeko

Amber MacGregor

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