2017-2018 Taekwondo Alberta membership

Please click on the TKD Alberta tab in the header and complete Registration is now open for Taekwondo Alberta and Taekwondo Canada membership. Annual membership is required for all Total Taekwondo students. This fee is very minimal 15.00 for Coloured Belts and 20.00 for Blackbelts. Membership allows Taekwondo Alberta 1. Maintain the requirements as a Voting Member Organization (VMO) of Taekwondo Canada; 2. Meet it’s financial obligations and to have the fiscal resources to operate, 3. Have funding available to assist athletes, coaches, and referees, 4. Continue to work towards the promotion, instruction, and development of the Art and Sport of WTF Taekwondo in Alberta. 5. To allow the ATA the means to make it possible for: a. participant and demographic information required by funding agencies to be provided for the purposes of strategic planning and programming, and the promotion of the Art and Sport of Taekwondo; and b. for Taekwondo Canada to do the foregoing by guiding, directing and managing a national registry through a central point in order to implement Sport Canada’s initiatives. 6. To allow the ATA the means to promote, improve instruction, and the development of the Art and Sport of WTF Taekwondo in Alberta.