August 31st Belt Testing List

August 31st Belt Testing

Super Kids

White-Green Stripe

Blake Coles Brett Huntley Chase Carberry Declan Slugoski Ethan Hodder Grace Butler Jakob Fawcett Kingston Power Nathan Cairney Xander Thompson

White-Green Stripe

Daniel Cairney Blake Gaudet Isabelle Hiscock Jesse Maeko John Hiscock Joram Maeko Karlee Sutton Lucas Ivany Rein Miel Ilarde Sorin Meyer

Green-Black Stripe


Andy Wang Caleb Osbourne Devin Hiscock Hudson Colbourne Joshua Hiscock Koen Burkard


Florence Maeko Grace Stang Kelly Grouchy Nathan Grouchy Rachel Stang Sophia DeGuzman

*Please note others may be added to this list as the month continues depending on performance.

Master Higdon/Instructor Glenda

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