SuperKids (Ages 4-5)

Superkid’s class introduces kids (from 4 to 6 years old) to the lighter side of Taekwondo, providing an energetic, encouraging and fun-filled environment that teaches kids the basics of the sport. Fostering a friendly and encouraging group atmosphere, the goal of the SuperKids class is to instill a sense of teamwork and respect.


SuperKids classes are based on a series of games that promote listening, self-confidence and discipline. Learning basic Taekwondo techniques and coordination, SuperKids students will be introduced to a taekwondo sport and traditions, terminology and drills, and will progress through a system of color stripes that measures and rewards hard work and peak performance on and off the mat.


The Super Kids Taekwondo class trains in a group, offering students the exciting opportunity to interact with other young, enthusiastic Taekwondoists of the same age.

Kids Taekwondo (Ages 6-12) & Kids/Teen Taekwondo(Ages 6-17)

Students work on the Taekwondo belt system. Providing a positive environment free of bullying and negativity, the goal of the Kids Taekwondo class is to foster a highly motivated, disciplined and positive mentality, which students can then transfer into their day-to-day lives and communities.

Kids Taekwondo courses prepare the body for Taekwondo training and lay the foundation for basic techniques with a series of cardio warm-ups, stretching exercises and drills. Throughout, a focus is placed on improving flexibility, since this reduces injuries and makes traditional Taekwondo techniques easier to learn.

Training in groups, students work directly with an instructor in a variety of punching and kicking drills using shields, bags, precision paddles and targets. The importance of focused listening and concentration is emphasized with the aim of developing self-confidence.

Family Class (Ages 6+)

Family Classes offer students the unique chance to train with their loved ones using traditional forms, drills and techniques. Families can train together in the dojang with an instructor, learning the basics of Taekwondo and togetherness in one class.

Families can even participate in a sparring, which is a fun opportunity to spar with your loved ones in a safe, high energy workout that helps alleviate stress and develop a healthy, and competitive, family spirit.

What better way to improve your physical conditioning and teach your kids the importance of exercise and discipline than a family workout?


Teen/Adult (Ages 13+)

For teenagers and adults (from 13 and up), the Teens and Adults class provides an enjoyable and positive environment to escape the worries of the outside world and blow off some steam. For athletes looking to progress to the competitive Olympic side of the martial art, and those who simply want to be the best they can, the Teens and Adults class is a great opportunity to get into shape and develop the self-confidence and self-control needed to lead a successful life and career.

Total Taekwondo places a strong emphasis on the technical side of the sport and uses a series of footwork-based exercises to strengthen cardio and coordination. Training in groups, advanced Teen and Adult students work directly with instructors on a number of cardio warm-ups, stretching exercises and punching and kicking drills specific to the mastery of Taekwondo techniques.  Equally important, however, is the development of a positive mentality that students can transfer to all aspects of their lives. Total Taekwondo Teens and Adults class provides students with all the tools necessary to become a winner, both on and off the mat.